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Formed in 1969, HLB International is a world-wide network of independent professional accounting firms and business advisers. The network comprises member firms in over 150 countries who, collectively, have more than 27,485 professionals in over 745 offices. Member firms provide clients with a comprehensive and personal service relating to auditing, taxation, accounting and general and financial management advisory.

The current name was derived from Hodgson Landau Brands, which was based on some of the early members: Hodgson Harris, founded in 1877 by Robert Hodgson (UK), Mann Judd Landau, founded in 1926 as Fred Landau & Co by Fred Landau, (US) and Brands & Wolff (Netherlands). In the course of time, these three names all disappeared through mergers, and the network shortened its name to HLB International in 1990. It now also explains the HLB brand as “Helping Local Business Internationally”.

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