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You are responsible for the content, accuracy and completeness of any application or information you submit to this Site. If you do not supply full and complete information, this may prevent or delay the processing of your application or information. You confirm that the information that you submit is true and accurate and does not violate any laws or breach any contract or render HLB Atrede LLP liable to any claim or proceedings whatsoever.

What Happens to Your Information

You acknowledge that information you submit to the Site may be supplied to and used by the relevant member(s) of the HLB Atrede LLP to assess and process your application.

To help understand the skills of certain applicants, HLB Atrede LLP may suggest a personal profile exercise be carried out. All such data will be kept strictly confidential and used by HLB Atrede LLP for recruitment purposes. If such data cannot be obtained, HLB Atrede LLP may be unable to consider the applicant.

Even if you are not selected for a position for which you apply, we may consider that you have skills and experience that would be of value to the relevant member(s) of the HLB Atrede LLP. For this reason, if another potentially suitable vacancy exists or subsequently arises, we may transfer your application to the relevant member(s) of the HLB Atrede LLP for consideration.

Data of applicants will be destroyed within 3 years of application.


The relevant member(s) of the HLB Atrede LLP do not warrant or guarantee the availability, effectiveness or performance of this Website, nor your ability to submit any application or information to this Site.

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